About St. Johnopoly

It’s like Monopoly, but for St. John.

New for 2016: New properties, new board, new tokens, new cards … More fun!

The Story of St. Johnopoly

Most business deals on St. John typically start in a bar. St. Johnopoly is no different.

After knocking a few back at one of their favorite Cruz Bay spots, Captain Tom of the Sadie Sea and Jenn, the owner of News of St. John, had a lightbulb moment … Together they’d create a board game that both tourists and locals would enjoy while promoting the people and places that makes St. John so special. Thus, in 2013, St. Johnopoly was born.

The first edition of St. Johnopoly sold out in less than a year-and-a-half, and even we were taken back by its success. So in 2016, we decided to do it again. We hope you enjoy it.

We’d like to thank the following businesses and organizations who helped make this happen:

  • Alice By the Sea
  • Animal Care Center
  • Aqua Bistro
  • Barefoot Cowboy Lounge
  • Boat Day VI
  • Born to Rhumb Boat Charters
  • Connections St. John
  • Coral Bay Caribbean Oasis
  • Cruz Bay Landing
  • Dog House Pub
  • Gallows Point Resort
  • Grande Bay Resort & Residence Club
  • High Tide
  • Island Roots Boat Charters
  • Joe’s Rum Hut
  • News of St. John
  • Palm Tree Charters
  • Parrot Club
  • Sadie Sea
  • Scoops
  • Steve Simonsen Photography
  • St. John Car Rental
  • St. John School of the Arts
  • The Beach Bar
  • The Tap Room
  • Virgin Islands National Park
  • Woody’s

And last but certainly not least … the late Captain John Brandi.